Astrology and Zodiac Signs

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Many websites and books love to give insight on what each Zodiac sign means and how the signs interact with each other in business, relationships, and of course the ever popular... compatibility. The problem is, they are not aware that the Sun Sign (Zodiac sign) is only the very surface of who a person really is and how they do tend to interact with others.

With that having been said, when you look for someone's personality, the Sun sign is only a fraction of who the person is. If you judge them by their Sun sign, you may be in for a disappointment or then again, they could be exactly as described. There are so many other factors to be looked at when figuring someone out.

As an Astrologer, I look at birth charts and am able to see far more about someone than just what their basic Zodiac sign will tell them. I can see what their Moon is, what their Rising sign is, what their other planets are and in what houses they reside. There is a ton of information one can find by looking at a birth chart.

The following are what the Sun signs are and what is typically known about them. This is information you can find just about anywhere on the internet, in books, or oracle cards. There are tons of resources for this same information. Just keep in mind, these are surface definitions and some people may be VERY different due to other aspects of their charts dictating personality changes.

ARIES (March 21 to April 19): The Aries is the Alpha in the Zodiac. They are strong, passionate, busy, athletic, like to keep in shape, and tend to be involved in sports or other physical activities. They have a high sex drive and love to be intimate as often as they can. They are capable of loyalty if they find "the one" but until then, they will play the field and enjoy the sex they can get. They are slow moving in relationships until they're sure of what they're doing and who they are with. Trust is something they have to feel in order to feel stable and secure.

If they feel like "it's over" in their minds, they will go ahead and move on. In some cases this could mean that they start looking elsewhere for love or sex. They may also just very rudely tell a partner to buzz off. Aries can be stubborn, unwilling to see other viewpoints, jealous, possessive, and downright rude. Again, there are always variances due to whatever else they have going on in their chart. The Aries people are champions, they go for the gold, and they strive for excellence even if they are not into doing the mundane in their lives such a chores.

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20): The Taurus character is stable, security seeking, focused, driven, and wants so much to build a nest egg in the future with finances. They will actually put money and security above all else until they have a family. While single, they tend to want to make sure they have their lives in order before they fall in love which can make them move at a snails pace. However, if they feel they're doing alright, they may move faster.

This is the sign that will put love on the back burner when they're having problems. They will absolutely stop and try to focus on themselves or whatever issues they're trying to rise above. They frustrate partners because they get all hot and then suddenly can go cold. They tend to come on strong or passionate in the beginning then start losing touch. They don't mean to act this way but if they're comfortable with the person they're with OR they have other situations happening that need to be dealt with, they tend to slack off. These are the bulls of the zodiac so they are reliable once they commit 100% but can be a little flaky until they do. They are also humanitarians.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20): The Gemini is an interesting character because they're a total mystery. They can appear one way and then appear a totally different way later on. They are changeable and therefore they tend to be unpredictable. They're someone that needs to keep themselves busy whether that means projects at home or projects outside the home. They may have multiple jobs or interests. They do not like boredom and will do their best to avoid it. They crave excitement and though they don't mind finding one person to settle down with, they'll take a great deal of time to cultivate it.

These people can also be into having "open" relationships meaning they see other people or have sex with other people while being in a partnership/marriage. They won't all be this way as per other aspects in their chart but many of them are this way. They want to change things up as often as possible when it comes to love, work, money, etc. You never know what mood you're going to get from them. They can be really loving and flirty but they can also be really cold and say mean things. They are dual in nature and therefore they are also moody. They are fun and very charming with the capability of being amazing friends or business partners. When they do finally settle down, they will be loyal and loving.

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): The Cancer is a loving water sign who seems to be born to love people. Their love isn't what everyone else thinks is love. What I mean by this is that this sign is born to find the right partner, settle down, get married, and have children. They may deviate a bit based on what else they have going on in their chart but most of them are born to breed families. While they are young however, they will spread their love with a string of one night stands or relationships that don't last. They're learning what they're looking for and who they are while having fun along the way.

Cancer is magnificent at caring for people and animals. They're often activists or doing something in order to help heal the planet, people, animals, etc. They really are soft hearted and tender. Sometimes they flirt a little too much and give people the wrong impression. They're just "too nice" and some misunderstand. Cancer can be susceptible to addictions. They may have more than one as well. They can be addicted to love, sex, alcohol, drugs, or really anything else. What people love about the Cancer is their ability to really care deeply about people.

LEO (July 23 to August 22):  Leo is passionate about life, is successful in just about anything they do, is very active, is professional, and is someone other people look up to. These people are fabulous actors, singers, or any other position that is in the lime light. They're great at what they do. They enjoy being in the spotlight because typically they crave lots of attention. Even if they are not in the entertainment industry, they're leaders, they are managers or CEO's. They want to be at the head of whatever they do because they can and they're frankly very good at it.

Leo tends to fall for a person quickly without really get to know them. The will also move on as quickly as they jumped in because they want to waste no time. They live life for today and want to be very much in the present. They require a partner that can handle their pursuit of adoration, can provide it to them, and be understanding of how social they can be. They are humanitarians and so they will actually pay it forward in terms of finances, time, and effort to those in need.

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): The Virgo is strong willed, righteous, has high morals, loves people fiercely, is very loyal, and yet very critical. Virgo is not only critical of others but of themselves as well. In fact, they are their own worst critic. They tend to be very truthful to a point of it sounding hurtful sometimes. They don't like to lie, they don't like when someone else lies to them. They want success and the good things in life but they want it fairly. They are willing to work hard but they want to receive what they feel is absolutely fair. When they feel that they're not getting a fair deal, they will struggle with themselves before they finally cut loose from the situation.

As partners, they are super loyal. There are cases where one may not be but they could have aspects in their charts that cause them to be more susceptible to cheating. Most Virgos are not built that way though. They commit to one person and they will stick it out no matter how difficult it gets. They will only leave after a long period of time of things going very badly or if their partner cheats/lies. Even then they may give them another chance but if they mess up again... buh bye. Virgo are serious folk. They "don't play that game" with anyone. This is the one sign in the whole Zodiac who actually doesn't NEED a partner. They can be totally alone and be alright with it. They choose to partner because it's always nice to have someone by your side but they'd rather be alone than deal with crap. A Virgo's love is like none other though if you can obtain it.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): The Libra is quite unique. They are one of the two signs that can actually look at both sides of any situation or argument in order to obtain not only knowledge but understanding. They make amazing judges, lawyers, or a person who can help diffuse difficulties. They may not be as good at doing this in relationships because they are a bit self aware which makes them not always see the bigger picture until a partner points it out to them. They do want to find "the one" but until they find themselves, they'll have difficulty. They have a brilliant mind but can come across as air headed or lacking of common sense sometimes.

Where they're able to look at both sides of the fence in other situations, when they are involved in relationships, they tend to shut off and are unable to understand their partner's side of their love. The partner has to find a diplomatic way to approach them to discuss it. They hold in upsets until one day they explode and will list off all the reasons their partner pisses them off. They harbor resentment and can shut off sexually since their emotions are tied to their sexuality. They are successful when they can stop day dreaming and take some action. However, they can also put their priorities in the wrong places thus missing out on some wonderful life opportunities. Libra is here to seek out balance since they don't fully know how to do it on their own.

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21): The Scorpio is one who is very passionate in all they do in life. They are always trying to succeed in business, with finances, with love, with spirituality, and with everything else they do. They tend to be very intuitive yet they find it hard to trust people. They are a sign in the zodiac that actually is born not trusting anyone. If they ever do, it will take a great deal of time for that trust to be built. They may still remain suspicious on some level though. These people are highly emotional and as such, they can get pissed off fairly easily and quickly.

When Scorpio isn't sure of what they're doing or what they want, they confuse other people. They become very hot and then very cold. They will not put up with anyone's crap, ever. They will always stand up for themselves and others when it's needed. They prefer a partner who will protect them, give them security, and provide them with loyalty. They basically need a rock that will always be there for them no matter what they go through emotionally. Some Scorpios struggle with depression, anxiety, and even can be bi-polar. They constantly analyze everything and are empathic. They also tend to want to get revenge if they've been wronged. Scorpio is also very sexual and has a high libido no matter what age they are.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21):  The Sagittarius is intelligent, loves to travel, loves adventure, loves to live life for today, doesn't plan, is spontaneous, and is typically very spiritual. They are empathic but they can also be very blunt to a point where others may find their truth insulting. The thing is, Sagittarius only knows truth and will blurt it out without first thinking about it. The can come across as cold, bitchy, aloof, and without tact. They don't mean to be this way but they feel that people deserve to know the truth and don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to know. They themselves would rather have the truth. They're also highly optimistic no matter what life throws at them.

Sagittarius gets a bad rep for being flaky and non-committal. This far from the truth. Sagittarius is picky about partners, they will wait until they're sure, they want to fall deeply in love, and if they feel they're in a relationship where they are not deeply loved or appreciated, they will exit. Sometimes they will tell the partner they want to leave or they will just pack their bags and are never heard from again. This is what makes them get the bad rep. The truth is however, if they find someone that they deeply love who deeply loves them, they're in it for life. Sagittarius is brilliant, successful, and good at what they do. They are brainy and love keeping their minds busy. They're also highly analytical thus always asking questions to the point of sometimes annoying people. They are just highly curious about how the human mind works and why people do the things they do. Sag is a humanitarian.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): The Capricorn is really interesting. They are righteous, have a high moral code they live by, they expect excellence from people, they are hard working, they often take on multiple jobs or projects that will make them money. They focus on trying to earn as much money as they can to make sure that their family's future is provided for even before they start a family. They are not all that social and find it hard to blend in when they are in public situation. They can though but tend to keep their conversations to things they truly believe in. They HATE small talk.

This sign is one that takes life seriously. They won't put up with any crap from people and they tend to stick up for those they care for or feel need their assistance. They will give the shirt off their backs for someone who absolutely needs it. Truly these are stand up people. They can be stubborn, they can come off cold, and they aren't the most emotional people. They love in their own way and only someone who "gets" this will do well with a Capricorn as a mate. They're very different from the other signs but this isn't always a bad thing. If they don't like someone, they won't waste time, they will tell them and they will walk away.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): The Aquarius is self sufficient, independent, hard working, tends to be a leader in whatever they do, they appreciate their personal freedom, and they will not allow anyone to tell them what to do. They are their own person. This can cause a ripple for them romantically because they are sometimes not willing to bend to the other person's needs. They can be diplomatic but only if they believe the person is worth it. They put a potential partner through the ringer before they'll actually commit to them. They are THAT dedicated to their personal freedom.

They are successful with their careers/work/projects. They want to be left alone to do their thing their way. The do well as business owners or being in positions where they're free to do things in their time and in the way they want to do it such as engineering or something along those lines. They also love to travel so they'd do well in positions that let them do just that. What frustrates people the most is how cold an Aquarius can seem or when they feel the Aquarius isn't giving them enough time. Aquarius knows that they want and won't settle for less. When they are confused though, they will do a bit of a tug of war type of scenario until they figure it out. This also can be frustrating for a potential partner. Patience and loyalty is what is needed to love an Aquarius.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20):  Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. They often have their heads in the clouds. However, they're also the worlds greatest artists, musicians, performers, actors, entertainers, or healers. They have tremendous ideas and if they act on it, they can actually help heal the world. They're humanitarians. It wouldn't be surprising to meet a Pisces doing healing practices in some way. They're often Psychic or Empathic. They sense people's feelings or problems before the person says anything which makes them capable of some major compassion.They have big hearts and being a water sign, they do use those waters to help others.

When it comes to love, Pisces struggles with avoiding being hurt. However, they can also have a tendency to jump into something serious without taking their time. This can backfire. They fall in love quickly and think that the person they are with is their soul mate. When they start to get to know them, they find out that the person isn't what they thought and so they're ready to move on. The will not settle down until they are 100% sure that the person they are with is "the one". In their youth, some Pisces can even go through a strain of sexual partners until they feel ready to have a relationship. NOT ALL Pisces do this so don't mistake what I said. They also are capable of cheating if they feel unhappy or unfulfilled. However, when they do find the one they want, they will be incredibly loyal. They aren't too entirely social and like to stick to themselves. Sensitive Pisces is complicated but capable of great healing and love.

So as you can see from my definitions, these are very BASIC personality traits that go along with the Sun Signs. Moon signs, Rising Signs, and even Cusps make things change up a bit. Let me give you an example. I myself am a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, On the Cusp of Scorpio (Bday is Nov 23rd), and my Rising Sign is Libra. What does that mean? Well it's a collage of all the signs I mentioned. Sometimes I'm full of excellent ideas, I get upset quickly, I get angry or sad easily but then I bounce back fast as well. I tend to think it over and look at both sides of any situation to actually get a better view rather than acting impulsively. I have a variety of things going on that make me very different than the typical Sagittarius. I'm optimistic but I'm also cautious thanks to being suspicious of everyone and their motives. See how this works?

It's important to know more than a Sun sign. For you, it's really helpful to know yourself on a deeper level. It may help you understand why you are the way you are, why you act the way you do, why you decide the way you do, and what perhaps you should be working on. This is typically represented by the Chiron in your Chart or the North & South Nodes.

This is where having your birth chart cast is important. Knowing thyself is important but understanding things helps you to actually make some changes that will help you to live the best life possible. If you are interested, I do actually cast Birth Charts along with Looking at just the Chiron, or the North & South Nodes. I really can see almost anything in someone's chart if I look in the right places.

I do try to make Astrology easy for those who do not understand the technical jargon. When I started learning, I struggled myself because it was confusing. Now that I know a bit more, I am able to share with you what I know and what makes sense. I still have a lot to learn so I am certainly no expert but what I do know, I'd love to share with others.

In the coming months, I will write more Astrology based blogs for you to enjoy, learn from, and hopefully inspire you to book a reading with me. With that said, here is my website so that you can actually come on by and check out all the types of readings that I do. I have been doing tarot since 1993 so I'm well experienced with doing those types of readings. I also do Fairy or Angel Guidance readings which are unique, inspiring, and fun. I also do some numerology as well. I've also written my own paranormal autobiography called "Dark Night Haunting" that is available on in Kindle or Paperback form.

Come on by everyone and thank you for taking time to read through my long article. I do hope you've enjoyed it. Next I will focus on Moon Signs. Stay tuned!!!

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Love Always!
Jen Devillier


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