Suicide... What You Need To Understand

Over the years; I've known many people who have committed suicide or have at least considered it; maybe even attempted it. I myself have attempted it a couple of times (in my youth) and have thought about it many times over the years. I feel that this gives me plenty of understanding and knowledge of how this works and why.

 Many of us who have experienced suicidal thoughts or have attempted it; are typically normal people just like everyone else. We just have had a bad run in our life that was painful enough to make us want to exit this world. We look at the world around us and it seems too much to bare. It hurts to watch people be negative. It hurts to watch people kill other people. It hurts to watch children be harmed or animals. There are plenty of things I can list here that cause sensitive people such as myself; to have a hard time coping with it.

 You don't have to be an emath or psychic to see why people are upset by everything going on in the world. Some say this is no excuse and that we should just "suck it up" and get over it. I'm afraid that our minds do NOT operate this way. Those that do not "get it" will probably never "get it" because they think they are the authority on how we should be dealing with our depression.

 Some people get on medications but that is only a band aid to the problem. It dulls the pain off but never fully takes it away. Some people dive into spiritual practices to ascend their current state of being (this is where I am at) so that we can see without feeling the negative impact so deeply. There are some that also do counseling to try and talk through their feelings. Everyone deals with things the way they think are best and do the absolute best they can.

 However; no matter what method is being applied; we are all human beings. We all have our days of feeling better and feeling worse. The best way for us to cope is by reaching out to someone who cares and by sharing feelings together. The more human connection we have; the better.

"They left family and loved ones behind, didn't they think of this?" 

 Look, when people are thinking about ending their pain; the pain is all they are feeling. If they ARE able to process what or who they'd be leaving behind; they feel that those people would probably be better off without them. I know that seems "nuts" to some but this is the way the process works when we're considering "ending it all". I'm telling you because I've had the thoughts myself so I can speak from experience. 

 Typically the person who is successful in ending their life; does it very quickly and doesn't let anyone know they're going to do it. They are in the moment and they go with it. It takes them. One day here, the next they are gone. The ones that post on social media or elsewhere that they're thinking about it; aren't normally the ones who really want to commit suicide. They are either seeking attention or they are seeking human connection that gives them satisfaction enough to feel validated in life. 

 Trust me, the times I attempted it; I didn't tell anyone anything. I just did it. Also all the times I've considered it; I kept it to myself. Only recently did I come out of the closet and admit to several people I trust how my thought process really works. I've gotten to the point now where when that thought comes; I am able to quickly dismiss it by reminding myself that I do not want to have to reincarnate to complete my task here in life. I want to finish the job I'm here to do and not a moment sooner. This is likely prompted by my spiritual studies and centering myself with God. Whatever it is; it keeps me from going too far. 

 Some people cannot cope and methods stop working, they aren't thinking of how bad it will hurt those they leave behind. All they want is for their own pain to end. To think that they are selfish because they want to go is selfish for anyone else to think that of them. Do you understand? You're judging them and you don't know their pain. You don't know what they're going through. You do NOT know what they are coping with and what they see, feel, or hear. Unless you can walk in their shoes, there is nothing you can say about them. 

 While it's hard to cope with someone's sudden exit to this world; it IS still effectively their choice to make. Not yours. Not every death is a conspiracy, not every suicide was a premeditated maneuver by someone else that wanted them dead, and almost all of them ARE very sudden. Again, if someone wants to do it, they are in the moment and they just do it. 

 Looking for a rational explanation for those left behind isn't going to work. There isn't any explanation to have as that person chose to exit. That's all there is. Sometimes we just have to let go of them when they decide to leave. We have to accept that they were so far into the darkness that they couldn't see a way out. 

 For me and the friends I've lost to suicide; I realized that they made their choice and no matter how bad it sucked; it didn't change anything. For my own life; I've chosen to stay strong and not take that exit because there is too much in this world that IS good and worth living for. No matter how much it hurts sometimes; there is always something AMAZING to look at and let life continue. I'll go when it's my time and not one moment sooner. 

 For others that are depressed, don't tell them "Suck it up". You're hurting them more than you're helping. If you want to help; let them talk to you and open up and without judgment. If they don't want to talk to someone they know, refer them to someone else who can help them while remaining anonymous. 

 For anyone you know that needs it or if you yourself need it;

or call: 1-800-273-8255

Have Compassion for you do not know the battle that any one person is facing. 



  1. Sadly, I, too, have dealt with those who have either taken their own life, attemted to take their life and those who were left behind by those who have chosen to end their lives. I understand all too well. I am saddened to think of losing you to such an ordeal. Had you been successful, you would have never been there for so many others, including myself and I hope you know you can, if needed, talk to me. The truth is, that you are correct, those who are thinking such things, rarely cry out. Much love!


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