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  What is Astral Travel? It is the act of your spirit or soul leaving your body for a short period of time to travel anywhere it is called or chooses to travel to. More of a definition can be found on Wikipedia:

  What happens to you when you Astrally Project yourself? Well that is all up to the person and there are many theories as to where you go, when, why, etc. Some people have it happen to them randomly and others do it on purpose to go travel to different locations, remote viewing, dreams, or even different realms. Ideally there is a sort of spiritual rope that ties you to your body so you can always go back to your body at any point in time.

  Interestingly enough I myself, have had "out of body" experiences. Mine were mostly during a dream state which is supposedly an ideal time for the travel. You are most relaxed mentally and physically which allows for your spirit to exit the body. Some people report a feeling of sleep paralysis as their spirit exits the body and also upon it's return. It's a temporary feeling and only lasts a mere few seconds.

  Where would you go? Well some people like to visit loved ones, some people like to visit places they've never been, etc. What I do know is that in mine I visited with someone who is very much alive also. We met and had a whole experience together. Everything was very vivid and I could remember all the conversations we had. Dreams typically are very difficult for me to remember as the mind goes in so many different directions in your sleep that it's hard to pinpoint specifics. You dream more than you actually think you do. It's that we don't remember most of it. When Astrally Travelling, you remember every detail and you also will awaken feeling exhausted because essentially you were up all night. It's a very unique experience to have indeed.

  Many people have become not only accustomed to doing this travel on a regular basis but it comes easy for them like breathing. They have long practiced the art of Astral Travel and can do it at the blink of an eye when the rest of us either do it by accident or do it while in a sleep state. Either way it is almost like a form of time travel. You can visit anyone you wish at any time and place.

  If you were aware that you had an innate ability to do this, where would you go? Who would you see? What would you do? The possibilities are endless. Did you know that while Astrally Travelling, you can also do a technique called "Dream Walking"? This is travelling into someone else's dream and interacting with them. I have not done that one so far but I have been pulled from a dream state into a situation that required rescuing lower end ghosts from a more malevolent one trying to hold them captive. I really don't know why or how they pull me but when it happens, it's very real and I wake up totally exhausted from having worked my butt off to get them safe or at least try. Sounds crazy I know but it's something I periodically experience and have come to accept it as somewhat normal for me.

  I would advise you that if you are going to try this, please read all the literature out there that you can. It's very interesting to do it and you can have a whole lot of experience as well as fun. There is SO much information on the web these days that you can find out anything you want. The link I placed under the photo is a great site to check out on this topic. I wish you luck my friends.


  1. Thank you for this. I have been trying to astral travel. I appreciate this article.


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