The Terror in Hummel Park ... Creepy Midwest Place

                                         (not my personal photo, taken from a Re/Max site)

Located in Omaha, Nebraska; this is one of the scariest places I’ve ever visited. During the day it seems very benign and like a normal park. However at night, the feeling is VERY different. I’ve been to this park a handful of times and each time, I had experiences. In this article, I will share with you what I’ve experienced at this terrifying park in the heart of Nebraska.

In 1930, this 202 acre piece of land was donated to the city of Omaha. The park was named after a man named Joseph B. Hummel. He was one of the very first park commissioners. The park’s location is at 11808 John J. Pershing Drive. This large park is full of various areas of activity during the day that the general public can participate in. There are playgrounds, several barbeque/cookout areas, horseshoe spots, disc golf, and of course, nature trails for hiking or biking. While you’re there during the day, it looks like a normal park where you can go with your family to have a good time outdoors. However, once nighttime hits, it’s a whole different ball game.

There are a variety of Urban Legends that surround this place. Anywhere from Satanic Rituals, Albinos living in trees, Racist Activity, Murders, Suicides, and dumping of bodies after killed elsewhere. While some of the legends are probably made up, some are undeniable. If you dig enough, you can find documented cases where bodies were indeed found in the park. The first one I found was that of a 12 year old girl that went missing. The first time they checked, they didn’t find her. The second time they checked, she was in an obvious area. She had likely been murdered somewhere either in the park or outside of the park then dumped. This is something that I do not believe to be uncommon.

There is a pavilion on a hill that the “devil’s staircase” leads up to. They also call this the “devil’s trail” or various other names. The pavilion is full of graffiti and some of it Satanic. The stairs themselves are an anomaly because it is said that no matter how many times you go up and down them, they will always count differently. I decided to check this out once with a friend and indeed it was true. She had a different count than mine and I had a different count going up than I did coming back down. It was rather eerie which leads me to my experiences in the park.

The first time I had ever gone was in the early 90’s with an ex of mine and his family. We went there to do a cookout and have a family day of it. However, as a medium, I kept feeling as though there were eyes upon us everywhere. This being my first time in the park, my ex was telling me about the legends and it began to make sense why I kept feeling as though we were virtually surrounded by the dead. I couldn’t see them thankfully but; I could sense them all around. Though this was during the day and as creepy as it felt, it wasn’t nearly as frightening as nighttime there.

The next time I went was with a friend whom I mentioned before. We went at nighttime and she specifically wanted to check out the mysterious stairs. It was super creepy and the intensity I felt the first time was magnified now by 10. We did it though, we went up, checked out the pavilion, I felt really creeped out as if someone was going to walk in at any minute so we didn’t spend any actual time there. So we went back down while counting on the way. We stopped at the bottom to talk for a couple of minutes until we heard a car on the road though we couldn’t see anything. We were standing at our car and decided maybe we needed to go ahead and leave. She got in first and shut her door. I got in and while the door was still open, we felt the back of the card pull down as if someone had gotten in the back seat. We looked at each other nervously. We didn’t know what to do I just shut the door and we got out of the park as quickly as we could. Sadly, I did detect a male in his late 30’s or early 40’s in the car with us and he decided that he would stay at her house. I felt bad for her but back then, I didn’t know what to do to get rid of him. I was in my early 20’s. I was still learning my way as it was hard enough to admit that I had abilities. She did experience lots of typical activity in her home after that. Again, I felt bad but I didn’t know what to do about it.

After that terrifying experience, I didn’t think I’d ever go back. One day years later, I felt very curious again. I decided I would go during the day. This was after I had my son and so he was a toddler at the time. The whole drive there was relatively normal; my son was in his car seat waiting patiently to see where we were going. I arrived at the front entrance and I kid you not; as soon as we drove in, he started to fuss. Going deeper into the park, he started to fully cry as though he was terrified. This wasn’t a normal cry from him. He kept crying until I made my way back around to leave the park. As soon as I drove out of the threshold, he immediately stopped crying. Children are far more sensitive to things than we are and I knew without a doubt, he picked up on all the horrific things that have happened in that park and what is still there. After this experience, I never returned. I may someday now that I know better what my skill set is but I will never do it without having a team with me. Going alone puts anyone at risk for any of the strange things that occur there including murder or satanic ritual.

If you plan to visit this park, I implore you to do so at your own risk. If you insist, take a team with you. There is safety in numbers. This is not a place to take children at night either. Please leave them at home as they are susceptible to some pretty nasty energy. If you believe at all in possession, you may want to steer clear of this place as there are energies there that are just waiting for the weak link to take control of. Again, this is why I say “do NOT” bring your children there. Not just at night but I really don’t suggest bringing them at any time. They do have a day camp there but I would never send any child to do activities in such a raw and evil place. If you do, you’re taking a huge risk. This is my take and my own experience. If you look Hummel Park up, you’ll find MANY videos, many investigations and photos. Its fun to research but going there is a far more terrifying experience. I don’t recommend thrill seeking there folks. Thanks for taking the time to read my experience!

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