Deep Spiritual Healing; Starting from the Inside

I know you are all used to me writing about the paranormal. However; my life has taken quite a turn that is leading me down a more spiritual path. In doing so, I want to share with you something that we all need to work on as human beings if we want to heal the world. Here are some things that can help get you started on your journey of great healing of self thus allowing you to help others.

It Has To Start With You

As a human being, you have a spiritual center. You may have read other articles on Chakra healing. Each Chakra represents different aspects of us and effect us in physical ways. An example would be the Solar Plexus Chakra that is located about two fingers above your belly button.

It's yellow in color when you envision it. It's also the Chakra that controls our digestive system. Now, when I tell you that the Solar Plexus is also the Chakra that filters fear. In the learning that I've been doing based on a book called "A Course in Miracles"; it states that the only two emotions that exist are Love and Fear.

Every decision we make is either based on Love or Fear. That being said; if we choose to judge someone, project our feelings onto others, or have fear in some other way; it will affect our Solar Plexus. This means you probably will have issues with your digestive system in some way. In extreme cases; it could be as sick as cancer if not controlled.

It's very important to learn what each Chakra represents. When you know what they are, you understand better why you need to work with healing them and/or tuning them up. The second part of the equation is working at forgiveness.

In order to help heal the world or to help others to wake up to healing; you have to start aligning yourself with your spiritual self. It doesn't matter what religion you're part of; if any. Looking inward is looking to the higher energy that needs more reverence.

Forgiveness is Key; For yourself and others

Forgiveness is part of healing. The thing is; if you give shallow forgiveness; you don't really mean it and the "ego" voice inside you convinces you that though you forgave; you shouldn't ever forget. That is NOT the truth.

The inner voice of light will tell you that you absolutely have to forgive. Forgive the person and forgive yourself for having judged them in the first place. We are all connected and even though it may seem really difficult; start from inside of yourself.

I learned a wonderful technique from one of my favorite teachers of spiritual principles. Michael Mirdad translates the principles of "A Course in Miracles" in a way that is better understood. His new book called "The Heart of A Course in Miracles" is a revelation.

Getting to the lesson; he gives a wonderful technique of something you can start to put into practice immediately. When you find yourself judging someone or yourself, you can say this very simple prayer:

"I am so sorry.
 Please Forgive me!
 I love you!
 Thank you!"

While it seems simple enough; I assure you; it's sometimes VERY difficult. When you feel fearful of things happening in your life; you make choices via your "ego voice" that wants you to continue to live in fear.

If you want to learn to live without listening to that voice and rather living with the decision making of your Inner Light Voice; you'll need to do quite a bit of inner gardening. My suggestion to work on yourself will be for you to go stand in the mirror, look into your own eyes and say that prayer.

It will be very difficult and you may even cry. I certainly did when I said it to myself. Try to say it three times in a row or until you stop crying. When you stop crying; it's because you've started to accept your own apology.

Forgive yourself for ever thinking that we are all separate from each other. Forgive yourself for projecting fear, hate, or anger at anyone when it was something inside of yourself that needed love and tenderness.

Healing is lots of work; it's worth it

If you are living in this world and see how broken things have become; it's because everyone started letting their fear make decisions. It's unhealthy and in many cases; deadly. You certainly will not be able to heal overnight.

It's a lifetime process. I may be working at teaching but even I don't have it completely all together. When we can actually admit to yourself that you "don't know anything"; you're telling that "ego voice" to silence itself.

That voice inside you will always want for you to fail, be miserable, be hurt, be unloved, and basically go against everything that your Inner Light Voice wants for you. Your inner light or what "A Course in Miracles" calls "Christ Consciousness" (nothing to do with religion) wants you to be loved, happy, joy filled, and experience good things in life.

I won't get too far into it in this article because it's hard enough to digest what I'm telling you in this one. I'll get to it at a later date. For now, working at healing is the first step I'm recommending to you so that you can wrap your head around other information.

Your Ego will want you to resist and not accept what I'm telling you. It will make you think of all sorts of excuses and reasons why you shouldn't read, practice, or comprehend what I'm explaining to you. Why?

If you work at it, accept what I'm telling you from my "I AM" (God, Christ Consciousness self), your own inner "I AM" will start to heal which will squash your Ego to the back burner until eventually it's gone and you are anew.

Do you want Love or Fear?

                                             (not my meme, owner is linked to photo)

I cannot force you to accept what I am telling you. I am a vessel of information working on my own healing but I am ahead enough that I can offer you my hand at helping you to get to a higher level of understanding and healing.

You're going to have to determine each day that whatever decisions you make are either made from Love or if they are made from Fear. If you choose fear, you will not heal, others will not heal, and you will continue to stay in the nightmare that is your life.

If you choose to start making all your choices based on "What would love do?"; you'll begin to make healing a reality. It's a daily process that you have to work on. Even in such instances as being in traffic and someone cuts you off.

Catch yourself and rather than call them a name; take a a deep breath and think something more like "I do not know what that person is thinking or what is going on but I hope they make better choices going forward". See that person as not doing it again. As though they've healed their mistake.

You can also implement that prayer I mentioned before. The calmer you are when you are driving, the better and less stress filled your life will be. See what I mean?

I am telling that it will NOT at all be easy but the more you work at it; the better you'll get and the less annoyed you'll be in your life. It IS your choice and I cannot make you do anything you choose not to. If you resist though; you're fearful of something. Perhaps you're afraid to lose your ego because without it; you are fearful of who you really are inside.

Rest assured; you are built and created with Love. Without being religious; Jesus did say in the Bible that we can do what he did and even more. It's true! All this talk about working to manifest and heal the world isn't gibberish!

By now most of you reading this have experienced the ebb and flow of life right? If so; you can see that we manifest what we want or on occasion what we do not want. It's the same thing! The Ego makes horrible choices and tends to draw more problems to us.

Our Inner Light however; wants to help us make right choices and draw the good things in life to us. It wants us to be happy, loved, and see life as magical as a child does. Again, that's more for another time for me to get into.

Start Healing Today!

Don't wait! Listen to your Inner Light. The more we heal ourselves; we essentially heal mankind. See how this works? The sickness and atrocity that is happening is all caused from us collectively. To make a difference, we need to heal.

The more all of us heal and pass along the healing process to others; the more things will start to change and for the better. This is kind of an emergency folks. Our world is in dire straits and it's up to us to reach within and spread it outward.

If you need more help on ways you can work at healing; I'd be happy to help you. Visit my Facebook page at:  I have a shop that you can purchase a reading to help you figure out what needs some work in your life. You can also enjoy my Tarot Card of the Day as well as the other wonderful quotes I like to share.

Thank you for Reading and I send blessings from my heart to all of yours!

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