Chiron, What Is It and What Does It Have to Do with Me?

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I've had many clients write in to me wondering what their weaknesses are or what it is about their lives is so difficult to heal. In Astrology, we have many varying factors in who we are, what we've been, and what we may become. There is always an element of free will so the future is never guaranteed. However; there are things that are firmly in place.

The Chiron is an asteroid that we're all born with. It's the determining asteroid that will show us what we need to work at healing. This isn't a quick healing either. It's one that we have to work on throughout our whole life. It's literally called "The Wounded Healer".

Each person will be born with their Chiron in a different spot in their chart. It's important to know what sign yours was in when you were born to best determine what it is in your life you need to work on. Knowing is half the battle. It is helpful to have the heads up; however.

Now, in the grander scheme of things; the Chiron moves around just like the planets do. It has returns and it goes through all the signs. It's a slow moving asteroid so it takes it's time. Currently the Chiron is in Pisces.

What does that mean? Well for people that natally (in their birth chart) means that they will have to face their problem head on and work extra hard at trying to heal with it. They may be faced with things that will test them and see if they are indeed on track.

Chiron in Pisces forces people to look at their own self guilt. Even if they have nothing to feel guilty for; they seem to feel it anyway. They have troubles placing up boundaries and ultimately end up feeling a bit like a door mat yet still cannot say no.

So now while Chiron is transiting through Pisces; those with a natal Pisces Chiron will likely have people appear in their lives to push their buttons to teach them it's ok to put up boundaries and are in fact; necessary. It will force them past their guilt and show them that there is a better way.

For the rest of us; we have varying life experiences that may touch on these issues as well. For us; it won't be quite as powerful but it IS a lesson none the less. I've noticed that some are already starting to feel a shift going on as Neptune is now in Retrograde within Pisces.

This can either cause people to be delusional or it can cause them to wake from their spiritual slumber. This means it's rattling people's cages to get them to spiritually wake up and be conscious to what is going on not only around themselves; but the world. How can we help heal the world without starting within first?

Chiron helps us to do that. While some people are already struggling with "self worth" issues; it will only become more intensified when Chiron finally moves from Pisces into Aries on April 17th of 2018. So less than a year from now; we'll feel a shift.

For those that natally have their Chiron in Aries; this will be a real battle of confidence. We (Yes, mine is Aries) will struggle with our own inner demons/ego. We'll have to learn to silence that voice and see that we are truly worth the love that we generate and spread.

Again, for others; there will be mild lessons along these lines. On September 25th of 2018, Chiron will have it's Return in Pisces. So again; those of you with a Chiron Pisces will see an intensity on the need to heal. Problems emerge that you'll have to work past and heal. If you do not, you will be haunted by it again and again until you face it.

It will stay in return mode (going backwards like retrograde) until February 18th of 2019 when it will go back into Aries for about a year thus moving on into Taurus. So you can see how this can affect your life right? Whether the current position of the Chiron is your birth spot or not; you will experience circumstances that are uncomfortable and are forced to look at.

With it being where it is and Neptune being in Retrograde until November 21st, we're going to have lots to face. The good news is; we finally get to rip off the band aids and let go of our old life in order to start the new one. You will be forced to look at what isn't holding up for you or your future path anymore.

It will be time to let go, build new boundaries, learn to say "No" when it's necessary, and stop feeling guilty when there is no real reason for it. Time to wake from your nightmare and start heading in a new direction.

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