Readings Uncovered (Astrology, Tarot, Numerology)... My Way...

In my lifetime of experience, I've seen and heard many things. When I was a little girl, my mom used to go get her cards read on a frequent basis. I always found this to be very interesting and while she would be getting read at times, I'd be in the actual book store portion of the place, looking around at all the Metaphysical stuff, books, crystals and gems, etc. It was absolutely fascinating. I always felt at home and wanted to have more of it. Since an early age, I started also having my own paranormal experience in feeling spirits around me, the number of how many were around, male or female, rough age grouping. So this is something that has been in my world for many years. 

I want to tell you that every Astrologer/Psychic is different. There are many out there that are Palm Reader/Tarot specialists but these are typically the side of the road ones with big pictures like this:

Some of them vary as they will also have the word "Psychic" or "Tarot" on the sign as well. I have been to one of these people out of mere curiosity. Not only did everything she tell me was inaccurate, she also told me my Aura was black and she could cleanse it for $75 more. I got up and walked out pretty quickly. I don't know too much about Aura readings but I do know that if you Aura is black, you are already dead. Clearly I was not dead so this made NO sense. I was being scammed! Awful! Sadly, most of these side of the road charlatans tend to rip people off. They do cold readings and make things up that they think will make the client happy, telling them what they want to hear. So this is one variety. These are classified more as "Fortune Tellers". Now, not to say that all fortune tellers are wrong. The truth is however, life is very subjective and we all have free will. Now when you take this into account, If I tell you that something is going to happen 10 years from now, there is a very good chance that you will change something that will alter this path and may not happen. It may but more likely it may not. 

When I do readings, I tell people up front that life is subjective. I can only see where things are headed should they stay on the same course. If they change their mind or if the other person involved in their questions changes theirs, it will inevitably change the reading. Keep in mind, If I tell you that a break up is on the horizon in your relationship. After having gotten my reading, you go home and work on things and you end up not breaking up. It is that I was inaccurate or was I accurate and you took heed to what I said then made changes that would take you down a different path. See what I mean? 

My readings are those of showing you what your path ahead shows. It's always in your hands what you will do with it. For my abilities, I prefer to use my own Psychic impressions along with Tarot, Astrology, or Numerology. They all tie in together quite well. The cards are a stepping stone for the story I see in front of me. Astrology shows me who you are and what the stars energy has to contribute to your decisions and feelings. Numerology shows what your purpose is and what you should do to get on your given path and move forward. Again, all of these tie in together and make for a very informative reading. I do get requests for one or the other and I'm happy to oblige to what the client needs or feels they need and/or want. 

The other part of this is "how do I ask? what do I say?". I will let you know that the very first thing to keep in mind is to never ask things that involve your own free will such as "Will I ever find the right person to marry?" "Will I ever marry so and so?" "Will I ever find financial freedom", etc etc. You get the idea right? These types of questions that very much rely on your own decision making which makes it damned near impossible for me to predict for you. All of these questions are things that you have to discover and make happen if it's something you truly want. The correct way to ask would be "Does so and so have feelings for me?" "how to I go about finding the right person?" "what can I do to find financial freedom?" "what career may be best for me?" "I'm going through some things, why do I feel like I'm in a fog?" "I'm in so much emotional pain, how can I make it stop?"... These are the types of things that are better to ask. 

Some people ask me about real estate they are trying to sell. So instead of asking "will this property sell?" it's better to ask "Is this property likely to sell. If not, what can I do?". You see the difference? One relies on you and your actions, the other is the property itself and it's value. Same with love questions; "Will I ever find my soulmate"... better way is "How can I go about finding the right person for me?" or "Does it look as though I am close to finding the right person?". Do you see the difference? 

When you go to someone to do a reading for you, it's best you have everything well thought out so that you know what to say or ask. The other portion here I wanted to point out before I close is, we don't need your history to see your future. Many people feel as though they need to give you a whole low down of what they've been through in their lives, etc. Isn't it more credible to you if I do a reading for you having not known anything and I'm right on target? If you tell me everything then it may mess with my vision and I may not give you a credible answer. I prefer to not know anything until after I've done your reading. It makes me dig deeper and see better for you and it lets you know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing rather than "fishing" for information. 

I hope this helps clear up some misconceptions about readings that I and my peers do. Again, we all have different methods but most of these things I've shared are guidelines that most of us follow and appreciate. With that said, if you'd like to book and email or fb message reading, please let me know. It would be an honor to help guide you. Cherished Love and Light to you all!