Astrology in the Paranormal?

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What is this picture? It's a copy of my birth chart. I started to work for an amazing Astrology website last year and since then I have been on a constant stream of learning things far beyond what I ever thought I could. It seems Astrology plays more of a role in life than you could ever imagine. It even reveals information about who you are in depth. This does include what sort of talents and innate abilities you may have that relate to the field of the paranormal. Does this surprise you? It surprised me when I first learned about it! There are many aspects that can be looked at to explore the possibilities of what you can do in the paranormal or even if you were born to be involved with it. Let me break this down for you a bit and see if you can follow me.

One place to look is in the 12th house in your chart. The 12th house is where your spiritual beliefs, subconscious thoughts, hidden thoughts or talents, and of course the unknown. So you would look to see first what the ruler of the house actually is which in my case is Virgo. This means that I have to constantly work at not speaking out without thinking first. It also means that if I hold things in, I have to watch my health. So when I'm not sharing my thoughts and passions on the paranormal, I tend to feel bottled up, depressed, or even start feeling selfish so these are things I have to be careful with throughout my life. But, because I am aware of my tendencies thanks to looking at my chart, I am able to work on it that much easier.

Now, I was born with Neptune in Sagittarius which makes me Psychic and leans very much toward being a Medium as Neptune does have a tendency to lean toward being able contact and communicate with the dead, spirits, Angels, etc. So this should be of no surprise to anyone who knows about me at this point right? The Sagittarius portion makes me adventurous and curious as well as passionate about what I do and thus making me do things such as explore paranormal investigations. You see how this lines up? You'll also be interested to know that my Life Path Number going along with my date of birth which is Number 9, also gives almost the same information as far as what my path and purpose is. My actual path and purpose is to help humanity and be a leader doing what I do best. Such careers include writing, teaching, and of course being a Psychic Medium. So again, everything all goes hand in hand. I hope you're keeping up because I know that Astrology can be somewhat confusing when you don't know much if anything about it.

So by looking at my chart and explaining it a bit to you, you can certainly see why I am who I am and why I continue to keep going after it with a passion. So yes, Astrology can very much play a role in things for someone who is into the paranormal. It's also interesting to know that when clients approach my co-workers and I about hauntings, spirits, or even Guardian Angels, we are able to take a look at their chart to see what activity is going on in their 12th house because things like this will be often seen there. Planetary action in here such as Jupiter or Neptune transiting there can show that there is definitely something going on. It's incredible how everything lines up. Even the Moon cycle can play a role in when you go to investigations. In fact, in making any kind of decision, looking at what the Moon is doing and where it is, can help you figure out where to invest your energy.  Websites such as these:  are very helpful in showing you what is going on and when so that you can plan accordingly. So if you're trying to figure out what date is the best for a paranormal investigation, take a look at where the Moon is, hover above the sign on the date and see which one looks optimal.

I hope you found this informative and interesting as I do. I never thought I'd be doing Astrology in my life but my nature does definitely lean toward such things. It was my sincerest pleasure to share with you my thoughts as always. Blessings to you all!