A Haunting Experience

 One night I was going to see my boyfriend's band play at the Korova in downtown San Antonio. What seemed like a normal evening was about to take a very strange turn. It was getting closer to the time that his band would go on so we went across the street to the hotel where one of his band mates and friend was staying so we could change clothes and get ready. Everything seemed perfectly average until we entered into the elevator that would take us up to the floor we needed to go to.

 Upon exiting the elevator into the hallway of the 6th floor at the Wyndham Hotel previously a Crowne Plaza, I was hit by a really indescribable feeling. I suddenly felt as though I wanted to fall to the floor. I've never had reactions to riding elevators and this was only the 6th floor so there should not have been any weird things happen physically. I tried to walk forward and literally was almost grabbing for his arm as I was finding it hard to walk normal. The floor was blurry and the air around me was super thick. I could only equate this feeling to Vertigo. I really did not understand what hit me. I made it around the corner to the room and we went in. I immediately did some deep breathing and asked Archangel Michael for Shielding and Grounding as I normally would every day. I got back to normal reasonably fast, got ready and then it was time for us to go back to the bar.

  We walked to the elevator without any strange feelings at all until we got to the underground passage tunnel. I started to feel a little "off" again but not nearly as bad as the 6th floor. I also felt the distinct feelings of being followed... so much so that my boyfriend looked behind us a couple of times to make sure it wasn't a living person following which would have explained that but NOPE. No living person to speak of behind us. We exited the hotel and got back to normal.

 Next day I return to the hotel to ride back to Houston with my friends and nothing at all happened.

  The feelings and images I picked up on was a soul of a murdered woman roaming the hallway in fear from her murderer. I also felt he was there wandering around as well. I don't know if he was looking for her and if this was just a residual energy that was in a repeating pattern or if it was actually their souls looming about the hallway.

  I have been digging around to try and find history on this place but I cannot seem to find anything. There are plenty of stories of the other Wyndham hotel which is near The Alamo but not the one on 111 E. Pecan St. It's a real shame because I'd love to know more about the place and what was there before it was a Crowne Plaza. Wyndham bought it out when Crowne went bankrupt. I have seen other things referring to people hearing ghostly footsteps behind them, seeing apparitions, etc but no tangible facts like a murder, suicide, etc.

  If anyone reading this has any information on this place that could validate what I saw and felt, I'd greatly appreciate it. I haven't felt hit that hard by energy in many years so it has me a bit rattled. Talk about hitting me out of left field... WOW!