What is it like to be an Empath? What does it mean?

  I'm sure you've heard the term "Empath" at one time or another or even hearing that someone has empathy. What is an "Empath"? An Empath is a person who possesses the psychic ability to really FEEL emotions, physical pains and even thoughts. Mainly an Empath feels these things coming off of another person, place, or even objects if it contains enough energy. There are many facets to this ability that it can really make one's head spin or feel as though they are going crazy.

  I am an Empath myself and I can tell you that before I learned how to shield myself, I picked up on a whole lot of emotion and energy that was not mine that would cause me to have very hard times. Example, going to work if not shielded, I can feel the emotion in the room or if someone in the room's emotion is particularly strong and nasty, sad, or happy, I can feel it and it begins to feel as though it is mine after a period of time. It's one of those "I'm really upset but have no idea why". It can be very toxic if one does not learn how to control it.

 If you have ever been around others and suddenly feel things that are not normal for you and you have no idea why you are feeling that way, you may have abilities of your own. Have you ever suddenly thought about someone a whole lot out of nowhere to find out shortly after they were thinking of you heavily and perhaps wanted to see you or call you? This also works with deaths. If someone you were close to passes and you haven't seen them in years then you may very well start to think of them very strongly or dream of them only to find out they passed away. Why is this? Well not only empathy in play here but they can also visit us after passing to say goodbye only at the time we don't know it.

 Being an Empath can be very tiring at times, very frustrating, and also joyous depending on the circumstances. How do you learn to control it so it doesn't control your daily life? Well speaking for myself, I call Archangel Michael every single morning when I am driving on my way to work. I ask simply "Michael please shield and ground me so that any and all negativity just bounces right off and also so that nothing upsets me to the point of anger". This technique works VERY VERY well. You have to do it pretty much every day otherwise you are likely to backslide and start picking up on things that you really may not desire.

 Can this be used when investigating haunted locations? DEFINITELY!! If you want to focus on what you are doing or conducting without any sort of distraction from the emotions around then you may want to employ this method. I am sure there are other methods of Shielding or something similar according to your belief system and I strongly suggest you do it and do it every day!!! You will notice such a difference you won't believe it.

  I've gotten so far with my method that even if someone is sitting next to me crying, the shield keeps me strong so that I don't fall apart. It really helps as a Psychic Medium when you are reading for a client that has many emotional things going on. It's easier for us to stay strong and hold it together. I've had many sick people approach me and believe me, before I used to shield , I was a train wreck of tears and sniffles. Now I can hear what they have to say, be around them and keep my eyes totally dry and able to share my strength with them instead which is typically what they desperately need.

  All in all being an Empath can be very helpful as you can "feel" what is going on in situations you are in on a daily basis and know when to use caution BUT if you use Shielding, you will still notice it but it will not effect you.

  For all you Empaths out there just like me, Love & Light! I know exactly how you "Feel"  :)