Ouija Board Harmful or Helpful?

                                                    (This is one of my own creations)

For many years people have debated on the topic of Ouija Boards. It is still considered to be a taboo topic but I want to know why? For years I have seen many people writing or talking about Ouija boards being evil or a vessel in which evil comes through. These people are absolutely convinced that to touch an Ouija is a danger for oneself and one's family. People are afraid to use such a simple tool.

Where the debate begins is people using it in their home in a seance' type of format. They sit in a circle and have two people each touching two fingers on a planchette (the pointer that moves from letter to letter to spell out what the ghost/spirit wants to tell you). They call upon those who have passed that might be either known to them or any random ghost that might answer. The problem is in most of these cases, they are not knowledgeable on how to protect themselves from the start and are leaving not only themselves open for things "not so nice" to come through them or even through someone else that is in the room that may not even  be participating. Here is where the danger has a possibility to come through. 

Many folks that go buy an Ouija board from a Spencer's or any other store that sells novelties. The Parker Brothers Ouija boards are among the most popular and most easily accessed. They retail for about $15 to $30. They are cheap because they are only thick card board with a print across the top. It comes with a little plastic planchette. Harmless right? Well the answer is YES. The board itself is NOT harmful. Think about it.... cardboard and plastic.... Those two are totally harmless. 

There are other types of Ouija boards out there on the market that are much more extravagant and much more expensive but the truth is, unless it's been imbued by a witch or someone that practices magic of any sort, it's harmless. What DOES bring danger through are the humans using it. 

I am speaking to you as a veteran Ouija Board maker and user. I have been doing this since I was 8 years old and have NEVER had anything unsavory happen nor have I had any unsavory things come through and cause problems for others. Most of the time I use them on my own in the safety of my own home. How do I make it NOT dangerous. The answer is very simple. No matter what religion or belief you have, there has to be some sort of  higher power that protects you, right? If you are an Atheist or Agnostic then this whole topic is a moot point to you as you don't believe anything can happen with these things SO, I am speaking to those who do have a belief system of some sort in tact. Now for those of you who pray, do magical practices, etc., surely you have one that you call to for protection more than others. I myself call upon Archangel Michael and my other Archangels as well as spirit guides for protection. 

When I use my boards, I only call to my spirit guides. Why you ask? Well the reason is flat out, Ghosts lie. I am not saying they all do BUT a grand majority of them will lie to you especially when you ask silly questions about your future. Here's the thing; Ghosts do NOT know the future as they are shadows of their former selves and are trapped here on our plane which means they do not have ANY special knowledge. If they have ANY knowledge about your present circumstances it is more than likely because they are living around you and are observing what anyone else can observe. That's how it works for them. That being said, they lie through Ouija Boards and they can also lie via Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, and even EVP's (Electronic recording of their voice). Without a pure Psychic divining then you will never know if they are being truthful to you or making up a story to either astonish you or scare you. 

Once again, I use my boards to contact my spirit guides as they are teaching me to listen to them more often.  They have given me many "heads up" on things that were getting ready to happen in my life. Some things were major and some not so major. So now your next question to me is: "But how do you know if it is your guides or if it's a ghost lying to you". Again, simple! I have been doing this for SO long, I know EXACTLY how my guides speak to me and if it ever deviates then I know instantly that it is NOT them. I call the spirit out and tell them to get lost. I remind them I am under protection of Archangel Michael and my Guides. Typically they go away and my guides will come back through.  It's like talking to a family member or friend over many years... if they came through, you would DEFINITELY know it's them by the way they talk. It's the mannerisms via language that gives it away.  

Back to the topic of the "evil" that can come through. Well here's the thing, if people who do not know how to protect themselves, or do NOT understand that most likely the ghosts they are trying to contact are not going to hold much info for them, then they ARE opening up themselves for something not so nice to come inside their body. THAT is where the real danger is. It doesn't matter if they are using an Ouija, Pendulum, Tarot Cards, or even themselves without a tool of sorts. THEY are the point at which nasty ghosts or even evil entities can come through and become a problem in their lives or as I mentioned earlier, a nasty force in someone else's life who was in the room when they did this ritual. Typically evil entities will prey on the weaker souls. 

The bottom line with Ouija use is, get educated, protect yourself and DO NOT mess around with it if you not know how or what you are doing. YOU can open YOURSELF or anyone with you to things that CAN and will harm you as well as others. BE CAREFUL! But do NOT be ignorant enough to say the board itself is evil. It is but a tool. Be careful folks! 

P.S. DO NOT take the boards, pendulums, tarot cards, etc. with you to Haunted locations unless you can do a protection ritual of some sort. If you don't know how to do it, please get someone who does to either join you or can do a ritual FOR you so that you don't pull through YOURSELF something that should NOT come through and stay with you. You CAN bring things home with you that you shouldn't. As a practice you really should never go to a Haunted Location itself without a protection ritual or prayer in the first place so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE protect yourself folks.