Orbs or Spirit Energy Bursts

 I am watching many t.v. shows that are displaying what they believe are spirit energies in their video footage.   While t.v. is very entertaining I would like to say that one should NEVER try to claim such things as evidence of a spirit energy. Why? Well there are a few reasons. One is unless you know 100% that it was NOT a bug then you look and sound silly claiming anything. Just because a bug appears one way in one film clip does not mean it will appear the same in another. There are also millions of different types of bugs so to say "this is obviously not a bug because you cannot see wings" and then show a clip of another video you had with a different bug where you can see wings. Are you kidding me? There are MANY bugs that you cannot see their wings when they are flying by in your video.
  Another thing that makes such things not credible is that no one in Science or Paranormal has been able to prove 100% that orbs or anything orb like is indeed a spirit energy. No one knows what they are in fact. There are things that appear in photos and film that do make you think "that's interesting" but is it proof of any sort? Can you walk up to a skeptic and show them your video or photo and have them say "oh wow! that's neat, I believe in the paranormal now"? The answer is NO. It's not good evidence. It may look interesting but it is NOT a form of evidence. Such things make credible investigators who have been in the field for many years think you are very misinformed or new to the field.
  Photos of orbs. Folks, it's the same as what I just mentioned. Presenting photos full of orbs is NOT evidence. It makes people such as my self look and say "WOW, look at all that dust!" or "Wow, humidity was at work there or perhaps rain".  You will NEVER convince anyone in the field with experience that what you are showing them is real or means anything. I have many people send me pictures of orbs and I try to be nice about it but honestly, it still proves nothing. Even if you had recordings or emf spikes at the same time, it still doesn't prove that it was a spirit one way or the other.
  I am not telling you that your "special" orb in a photo isn't anything. What I AM telling you is that is not strong evidence for anything one way or the other. How do we know that some of these orbs we see that have been proven to not be dust, bugs, or humidity are not Aliens or some other phenomena we do not yet understand. All I am trying to stress here is that when you want to present people with evidence and want an opinion, if they tell you anything other than "well that's interesting, was there any dust, bugs, humidity, or something of the like involved?" then they themselves have no idea what they are talking about OR they are lying to you to spare your feelings. There isn't ANYONE in our field that knows what they are if they are anything at all. MOST of the time though there is an explanation. I know that's disappointing to some but it's cold hard facts.
  I am also a Psychic Sensitive aside from being an investigator and I can honestly tell you that there is not one picture of an orb that I have captured that I would sit here and tell you it's paranormal or a ghost. I never will because there is no proof one way or the other.
  The best evidence you can possibly gather if you think something is going on where you live or a place you like to visit is using your senses, recordings, and other means of scientific data that you can gather. That's if you are planning to present it.
  One of the best websites I have ever visited on educating people about orbs is:

The Truth About ORBS

  I recommend that site to anyone starting out in the paranormal field or even those seasoned that still may not know much about ORBS.

  I cannot stress this enough.... Please DO NOT believe everything you see on T.V.