Intro to Jen's Thoughts- Paranormal Investigation

Well this is my first time doing this so it should be interesting. A lot of things enter my mind and I don't necessarily want to post them on places like facebook as there are always people that take offense or think it's about them so to alleviate that mess I will just start keeping a blog. This blog will mostly be about random things on my mind so please don't try to make too much sense of it. :)

For those that do not know me, I am a Paranormal Investigator. I go look for the unknown and/or unproven. Up until recently I was hunting mainly for ghosts but have now expanded my horizons as someone has peeked my interest in Cryptids now as well.  That having been said, I am hoping very much that I will get to go out on some of those investigations with an amazing Cryptozoologist that I know and cherish.

Going back to ghosts, well I have actually written my paranormal auto-biography but have not yet published it as I am not sure which is the best way to go about it. Do I want to publish via Amazon online or do I want to put it to paper? Any thoughts from my readers would be helpful. I've been struggling with the options for a year now so I'd really like to figure it out and get this thing rolling. This book explains who I am and why I have experienced what I have. I've been dealing with the paranormal since the age of 8 that I can remember.  Life has been a real roller coaster ride since. These days it's fairly normal for me to see and hear things that others either ignore or miss. Not a whole lot shocks me anymore.

So I bought all of this equipment from when I had my own team and now I am finding that out of all the tools I have at my disposal, my favorite is definitely my audio recorder.  The ghost box is cool and all but when you live in a big city like I do, it's harder to decipher what is being said to you when you hear a bunch of music and other voices at the same time. In other words, there are too many radio stations here! It works great though when you go in a more desolate area where it's more quiet.

Now after using all this equipment I would have to say that the best tool of all that you can possibly use is YOU and YOUR SENSES. Honestly before we had equipment to look for paranormal anomalies, we sensed them. We can hear, see and sometimes smell them but in the quest of trying to PROVE things to skeptics, we have forgotten why we were looking in the first place. Obviously something had to have happened somewhere in your life that made you take an interest or perhaps you knew someone who had an experience and it peeked your interest. In any event, the interest was put there and the best way to experience things for yourself is to go to one of these proclaimed "Haunted" locations and sit there quietly. Listen to everything happening around you, FEEL the energy, try to see with your eyes. When you are so busy juggling equipment, your senses are not quite up to par and you probably miss a whole lot of things that you might have noticed otherwise.

Remember why ARE you into paranormal research? Is it because TV made it seem glamorous? Or do you genuinely want to experience something for yourself? Are you trying to prove something to skeptics? Honestly skeptics will always remain skeptical until they experience things for themselves so no amount of your data that you are collecting to show them up is going to convince them of anything. So now you are finding that you are trying to hard to MAKE proof that you are missing a lot of what you shouldn't be.

I do have friends that ARE or have been on t.v. but I will tell you that they are still very much on the level, the skeptics are still skeptical except for a couple who finally after years, had experiences that changed their lives forever. There are still many on T.V. that used to go ghost hunting because it was fun and now they are doing it because the producers demand they falsify evidence so that viewers will stay interested. Of course some tell the producers to get bent because they refuse to fake things they haven't found. Kudos to those because honestly is it really worth it to lie? Is fame that important?

Just ask yourself next time you go to do an investigation or hunt. WHY are you doing it? Do you genuinely love it, do you seek something you don't understand? Are you trying to get on t.v.? ..... Ponder if you will.

Thanks for reading my first blog EVER. I hope I didn't bore you to tears with my thoughts. :)