Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photographic Evidence?

  I have seen and am still seeing quite a few photos that are posted all over the internet by paranormal groups or individuals whether they be in the ghostly side of things or on the cryptid side of things. The pictures are typically "blurry" or "fuzzy" and in many cases have circles on them as the person who felt it was evidence wanted people to look in specific spots on the photos. If they do not they post up saying what they think it looks like and where to look.

 From a skeptical standpoint, even myself being a paranormal investigator for years, I find that none of these are anything that resembles credible evidence. Now I am not saying that whatever the original person who came across the photos doesn't see what they see however, there are many things our eyes and brains do not agree. This goes into the same thing as looking at a wall, a piece of wood, carpet, etc where you can make faces out of certain patters. When you look at a picture of the woods, you can almost certainly make faces out of anything and everything. There is much for the brain to process! If you don't believe me , try it. Next time you look at any picture of the woods stare at it for awhile, you'll see what I mean. That having been said, now look at the photos of the woods where people circle stuff. If they don't tell you what they see in the circles, you can almost certainly see nothing at all or a blur. If they tell you what they see and you are a "believer", you will see what they see. It's manipulation of the mind. Am I saying they are purposefully trying to manipulate you? Of course not. In most cases they really believe what they see in the photo IS real and they just badly want others to see what they see. That works much the same for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. If you listen to an EVP but you read their assessment on what they "heard", you will hear it too. If they leave it blank and leave it up to you , you either hear nothing OR you hear something entirely different. I've learned to turn my head away while listening so I can hear what has been captured without any visual influence. I do that with the t.v. shows as well when they play audio. There are SO many times that I have heard something totally different than what they present. I have had people get very frustrated with me because I don't hear what they hear. The thing is, it will NEVER sound the same to everyone. A picture will NEVER been seen the same way for everyone.

  Going back to my original thought, photographs are not very good for present as scientific evidence unless its so obvious that there is no denying. Don't even get me started on the amounts of photo editing that goes on and passed off as evidence. Unfortunately that goes for everything. There will always be those that just want to trick people out and make them believe they have something when in fact, they have nothing at all.

  I want to believe most of the paranormal groups on Facebook and other social sites are not trying to be malicious. I think they are just really seeing what they think they see and presenting it. They get very annoyed and sometimes angry when people are saying they see nothing OR when someone debunks it as camera and/or lighting issues.

  So in short, if you are going to present ANY photos as evidence, you must realize you are going to be under a lot of scrutiny. If you cannot take constructive criticism OR scientific debunking then it's probably best you don't present what you have as it is most likely NOT credible evidence of anything. This goes for Ghost Hunters and Cryptozoologists as well. Most of us that have been doing this for years already know all of this and you most likely will never see us present photographic evidence unless it's just SO mind blowing there is no denying it. Save yourself time and possible embarrassment and don't post pics and if you feel you must post them .. DO NOT circle things in the photo, tell people what you see, or where they should look. Let them look at it without any influence and tell you whether or not they see anything. If they see nothing, do not get upset with them. Realize that either you aren't seeing things correctly OR they are just not seeing it. No amount of getting upset is going to make anyone see what you see. That's the core of this rant.

  Thank you once again for taking time to visit my blog! Stay busy my friends!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Orbs or Spirit Energy Bursts

 I am watching many t.v. shows that are displaying what they believe are spirit energies in their video footage.   While t.v. is very entertaining I would like to say that one should NEVER try to claim such things as evidence of a spirit energy. Why? Well there are a few reasons. One is unless you know 100% that it was NOT a bug then you look and sound silly claiming anything. Just because a bug appears one way in one film clip does not mean it will appear the same in another. There are also millions of different types of bugs so to say "this is obviously not a bug because you cannot see wings" and then show a clip of another video you had with a different bug where you can see wings. Are you kidding me? There are MANY bugs that you cannot see their wings when they are flying by in your video.
  Another thing that makes such things not credible is that no one in Science or Paranormal has been able to prove 100% that orbs or anything orb like is indeed a spirit energy. No one knows what they are in fact. There are things that appear in photos and film that do make you think "that's interesting" but is it proof of any sort? Can you walk up to a skeptic and show them your video or photo and have them say "oh wow! that's neat, I believe in the paranormal now"? The answer is NO. It's not good evidence. It may look interesting but it is NOT a form of evidence. Such things make credible investigators who have been in the field for many years think you are very misinformed or new to the field.
  Photos of orbs. Folks, it's the same as what I just mentioned. Presenting photos full of orbs is NOT evidence. It makes people such as my self look and say "WOW, look at all that dust!" or "Wow, humidity was at work there or perhaps rain".  You will NEVER convince anyone in the field with experience that what you are showing them is real or means anything. I have many people send me pictures of orbs and I try to be nice about it but honestly, it still proves nothing. Even if you had recordings or emf spikes at the same time, it still doesn't prove that it was a spirit one way or the other.
  I am not telling you that your "special" orb in a photo isn't anything. What I AM telling you is that is not strong evidence for anything one way or the other. How do we know that some of these orbs we see that have been proven to not be dust, bugs, or humidity are not Aliens or some other phenomena we do not yet understand. All I am trying to stress here is that when you want to present people with evidence and want an opinion, if they tell you anything other than "well that's interesting, was there any dust, bugs, humidity, or something of the like involved?" then they themselves have no idea what they are talking about OR they are lying to you to spare your feelings. There isn't ANYONE in our field that knows what they are if they are anything at all. MOST of the time though there is an explanation. I know that's disappointing to some but it's cold hard facts.
  I am also a Psychic Sensitive aside from being an investigator and I can honestly tell you that there is not one picture of an orb that I have captured that I would sit here and tell you it's paranormal or a ghost. I never will because there is no proof one way or the other.
  The best evidence you can possibly gather if you think something is going on where you live or a place you like to visit is using your senses, recordings, and other means of scientific data that you can gather. That's if you are planning to present it.
  One of the best websites I have ever visited on educating people about orbs is:

The Truth About ORBS

  I recommend that site to anyone starting out in the paranormal field or even those seasoned that still may not know much about ORBS.

  I cannot stress this enough.... Please DO NOT believe everything you see on T.V.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Does anyone believe in Facts anymore?

  Have you ever seen a post on Facebook or some other social networking site where they use a horrifying picture of an animal or person and make some outlandish claim? I just read one that claimed that people in France are using dogs as bait for sharks. They used a picture of a dog with a huge hook through it's lips. What people were NOT paying attention to were the details of the photo. People naturally have an instinct to look a the dog with a hook in it's mouth and are horrified that people would do this to an animal. I took was initially shocked but then I read the caption for it and TOTALLY looked at the photo again. This animal looked GREAT despite the hook in it's mouth. The dog looked absolutely healthy and even has a collar on. One of the hands holding his head straight for the photo had a glove on which tells me that it was most likely at a vet clinic where they were taking a photo of the dog before carefully trying to remove the hook. It's probably a good photo for people to watch what they are doing with their hooks and lure. By the size of the hook it most likely had a tasty piece of meat on it that the dog naturally wanted to eat then in the process got stuck on the hook. That is NOT in any way strange. 

  The point of my rant is that people are either really gullable OR people are somehow craving to be outraged. I haven't quite figured it out yet but what I do know is that through this experience, I felt initial outrage but then took a REAL look and realized what the facts are. I would prefer NOT to be outraged. I am not saying there are not cruel people out there in the world because unfortunately there most definitely are. What I am saying is be sure to get the facts before you put yourself through an emotional roller coaster.

  Trust me when I tell you I AM one of those people that cannot watch the animal abuse commercials that ASPCA puts on t.v. It's absolutely heart wrenching and tears me apart every time. So I am speaking from an angle of compassion but also please pay attention to facts and realize that there are so many folks out there that want to create attention whether it be positive or negative, it gets them views. You know it's true! This holds true with the News. When someone goes nuts and murders several people randomly what happens? The media is all over it, people end up giving that murderer exactly what they want, publicity. They get FAME whether it was just or negative, they got EXACTLY what they wanted. PLEASE do NOT give these people attention. Don't go post about them everyday on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. You are feeding into their need or desire. They are not worthy of our attention. Let the law handle them and drop it. That would be the best punishment.

  This is only one woman's opinion so you can agree or disagree, the choice is yours. I just felt the need to get that off my chest. Thanks for letting me vent. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Intro to Jen's Thoughts- Paranormal Investigation

Well this is my first time doing this so it should be interesting. A lot of things enter my mind and I don't necessarily want to post them on places like facebook as there are always people that take offense or think it's about them so to alleviate that mess I will just start keeping a blog. This blog will mostly be about random things on my mind so please don't try to make too much sense of it. :)

For those that do not know me, I am a Paranormal Investigator. I go look for the unknown and/or unproven. Up until recently I was hunting mainly for ghosts but have now expanded my horizons as someone has peeked my interest in Cryptids now as well.  That having been said, I am hoping very much that I will get to go out on some of those investigations with an amazing Cryptozoologist that I know and cherish.

Going back to ghosts, well I have actually written my paranormal auto-biography but have not yet published it as I am not sure which is the best way to go about it. Do I want to publish via Amazon online or do I want to put it to paper? Any thoughts from my readers would be helpful. I've been struggling with the options for a year now so I'd really like to figure it out and get this thing rolling. This book explains who I am and why I have experienced what I have. I've been dealing with the paranormal since the age of 8 that I can remember.  Life has been a real roller coaster ride since. These days it's fairly normal for me to see and hear things that others either ignore or miss. Not a whole lot shocks me anymore.

So I bought all of this equipment from when I had my own team and now I am finding that out of all the tools I have at my disposal, my favorite is definitely my audio recorder.  The ghost box is cool and all but when you live in a big city like I do, it's harder to decipher what is being said to you when you hear a bunch of music and other voices at the same time. In other words, there are too many radio stations here! It works great though when you go in a more desolate area where it's more quiet.

Now after using all this equipment I would have to say that the best tool of all that you can possibly use is YOU and YOUR SENSES. Honestly before we had equipment to look for paranormal anomalies, we sensed them. We can hear, see and sometimes smell them but in the quest of trying to PROVE things to skeptics, we have forgotten why we were looking in the first place. Obviously something had to have happened somewhere in your life that made you take an interest or perhaps you knew someone who had an experience and it peeked your interest. In any event, the interest was put there and the best way to experience things for yourself is to go to one of these proclaimed "Haunted" locations and sit there quietly. Listen to everything happening around you, FEEL the energy, try to see with your eyes. When you are so busy juggling equipment, your senses are not quite up to par and you probably miss a whole lot of things that you might have noticed otherwise.

Remember why ARE you into paranormal research? Is it because TV made it seem glamorous? Or do you genuinely want to experience something for yourself? Are you trying to prove something to skeptics? Honestly skeptics will always remain skeptical until they experience things for themselves so no amount of your data that you are collecting to show them up is going to convince them of anything. So now you are finding that you are trying to hard to MAKE proof that you are missing a lot of what you shouldn't be.

I do have friends that ARE or have been on t.v. but I will tell you that they are still very much on the level, the skeptics are still skeptical except for a couple who finally after years, had experiences that changed their lives forever. There are still many on T.V. that used to go ghost hunting because it was fun and now they are doing it because the producers demand they falsify evidence so that viewers will stay interested. Of course some tell the producers to get bent because they refuse to fake things they haven't found. Kudos to those because honestly is it really worth it to lie? Is fame that important?

Just ask yourself next time you go to do an investigation or hunt. WHY are you doing it? Do you genuinely love it, do you seek something you don't understand? Are you trying to get on t.v.? ..... Ponder if you will.

Thanks for reading my first blog EVER. I hope I didn't bore you to tears with my thoughts. :)