Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Paranormal Scratches Demonic?

                                   (random internet photo I found while doing demonic scratches)

 You always hear about people getting bit, slapped, scratched, tugged on, pushed or more when they visit reportedly haunted places. Most of the time this seems to occur in some of the more prevalent haunted locations that contain very sinister souls. Do you really know for sure however, what actually did this? Was it a ghost? Was it a demon? Was it some other being we do not yet have information on?

 Most claims where someone has gotten scratched was said to be "demonic" in activity. While I cannot prove 100% one way or another, what I can say about this is THINK before you believe. Here's why I say this. I want you to take your hand and scratch somewhere on your body. Do you notice something that perhaps you wouldn't have paid attention to if I were not to mention something very obvious? Here's the obvious that will make you say "hmmmm". When you scratch, notice that 9 times out of 10, you only use three fingers to scratch with. Why? Well.. you use the three longest fingers. There is no real mystery here other than those three are longer than your other fingers so those are the ones that automatically get used to scratch with.

 So now when you think about how you commonly scratch, now think of how many times you've heard or seen on TV as well as Websites that the three scratches represent something demonic or that it's mocking the Holy Trinity. People... I would be willing to bet that 1 out of 50 cases if not more may actually have some sort of sinister force or if you will, "demonic" activity. Think about this; if people were nasty when they were alive, why would they be any different in spirit form? If they were human before, this three scratches now begin to make sense, do they not? 

 It's all glamorous to claim demonic activity, but it's very important not to make assumptions over something it may not be. As you know, extensive research needs to be done and precautions taken but I am more than certain that most places that claim to have demonic activity only have nasty ghosts of people who were very nasty folks when they were alive. The scratches, well, again, three fingers do most of the scratching so why would this be any different in death? In many pictures I've seen the almost 4 finger in there as well SO, to me this debunks many photos and many cases where they think a demonic is the culprit. I am not discounting that there may be demons doing this but what I am saying is I feel that not every 3 fingered scratch IS in fact demonic. I ask you as always, to think for yourself and not buy into everything you see, hear, and read. This is my opinion based on common sense and hopefully you'll now have a new avenue to explore that you hadn't though of before. Be well my friends and be careful!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Possession, What is it?

  Everyone has seen or heard of the movie "The Exorcist". The movie depicts a young girl in her early teen years that plays with an Ouija board with her mother then slowly becomes possessed by something unseen and later deemed a demon by a couple of Priests from the Catholic Church. I should point out at this point that it was a Hollywood movie and naturally only some of the facts are historically accurate. The case was not with a young girl but actually in real life, a young boy. There are many other discrepancies but that's what happens with the movies. They must work extra hard to make it visually and psychologically entertaining.

 All entertainment aside, the movie focuses on a teen having been possessed by what they believe to be a demon. The thing that many people wonder is, what does it mean? How does it happen? What is it that actually gets inside a person to make them have super strength, speak in languages they've never heard of, and be able to physically contort their bodies in positions that shouldn't be possible to do with a human figure. What is this force? Is it really a demon? Are they just mentally ill? These are things that anyone going to investigate have to consider when they are interviewing the families of these distraught people. If properly done, they will also investigate this person's medical background as well as any mental if there is any information to be had.

 In knowing wold renown Demonologists, I can tell you that they have a very scary job. I always find it intriguing but not something I would willingly take on. The first thing they have to do is go sit down and talk with the person and their family. They have to determine how coherent this person is and whether they could possibly just be ill. They get all the background information on the person and then they have to make a determination whether they feel a negative force or "demon" is involved. It's not an easy process for them to go through but to properly help someone, it's necessary not to make grave mistakes.

  If they deem that a person is indeed "Possessed", they then have to take steps on how they will go about performing an Exorcism or rather, having a Priest or Pastor come in to do this. Again though, it's still a question in my mind as to, what IS inside of them? Is it truly what is considered to be a Demon? Could it possibly a nasty person who was awful in life and is now just wanting more life so it jumps into a person to take over THEIR life? This is where religions and beliefs differ. I'm not really certain there is a definitive on what these things are and why they do what they do. There have been plenty of cases where someone has been temporarily "touched" by a negative energy or  the ghost of someone who held horrible emotions that linger and rubbed off on a living person temporarily in their space. I myself have experienced such a thing and it could have easily been confused with a demonic possession. The fact it, after it happened, I went home to go to bed, when I woke up I felt 100% back to myself and never had another incident after this.

  I am in no way discounting that there could be Demons responsible for possessions but I think that more often than not, people get this negative touch and pick up residue of something that was once in a place where they are and so they are experiencing these emotions as if they are their own. From what I know from a couple of the top Demonologists that I know, possession is far less common than people are led to believe by all the TV shows and media. Sad to say but there are also so called Ordained Priests or Ordained Exorcists that spread around mis-truths about the actual amount of possessions. Many are after fame and fortune but only the real ones that truly know the process and truly know how this works, will be the ones that will out and out tell you that it's not as common as people are led to think. Many so called cases turn out to be mental illness or a temporary negative force that surrounds them that was removed by a professional.

 Again, this leaves a person to wonder what a Demon is, and I don't mean as in the Biblical version. Are they former Angels gone bad? Are they just dark spirits that were once humans that are just as nasty now as they ever were when they were alive? Are they some other supernatural force that we just have no comprehension or information on? I'm unsettled on this issue. As a believer of many things, I wouldn't even rule out Aliens having a hand in some of these so called possessions. At this point there isn't much that I would rule out. There is so much out there that we have no comprehension of any maybe never will that I remain on the fence when it comes to Demonic Possession. Again, I don't discredit anyone who claims to have been possessed or by anyone who has performed Exorcisms. Exorcisms actually go far and wide, not just for demonic cases. You can perform Exorcisms yourself of your own home if you feel there is a negative force dwelling inside of it so there are many different degrees of this practice. There are many different factions and religions that perform these differently yet TV always seems to show Catholic Priests.

  Think about it! Shamans were performing rituals before Priests were even thought of. Wiccans even have their own rituals for removing dark forces or spirits. So why is it that every TV show or movie we see are always the Catholic Rituals? Makes you wonder why those are the only ones publicized. I for one am grateful that some of my colleagues are not on TV and speaking about different practices and even suggesting them to clients on camera! I think more of that information needs to be out there as there is a need to educate people from all sectors of life in how they can protect themselves or cleanse themselves of harmful energies or forces. Next time you watch one of those creepy films about Exorcisms, remember, what is it really and why only one religious view? Question everything you see, knowledge is power!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Truth Behind Soulmates

This is one that touches home for me. As a psychic, I do many readings daily for clients and I see a continual trend. People seem to think they are not whole by themselves. At what point in humanity did we began to get spoon fed that we need a mate to make us whole? Why are we led to believe that if we do not have a mate at our side that we are incomplete and will not be complete until we find our "other half"

 I believe this all goes back to the biblical times where the teachings begin to point out that it is your duty to marry and have children. That without doing this you are a worn out has been that is worth nothing to society. There is so much even now that gears people toward feeling they are not a whole person because they do not have a mate. There are some pretty serious problems with such thoughts as these. Very damaging!

 First, if you as a person feel empty, you are taught that you should search for someone else to fill that emptiness within you. The problem is, that is a very tall order and quite full of pressure for another person to take on. The truth is, YOU are in control of your emptiness. Why do you feel empty? Why do you feel like you have to have someone else to be happy. I am certainly not saying we are all destined to be alone and that's the way it should be. What I AM saying is that you yourself need to be whole, fill your own emptiness and be responsible for yourself. When you do THEN you can be with someone else with no pressure. Now the catch is being able to end up with someone who has also filled their own void inside otherwise you end up with someone else who has sought you out to fill their own emptiness. Then you are the one feeling all the pressure from the other person.

 Signs of emptiness are depression, anxiety, neurosis, clingy behavior, jealous, possessive, angry, paranoia, and generalized uncomfortable feelings. Do any of these ring a bell for any of you? If you find these qualities exist in you then you need to go inward and figure out how to fill your own psychological "holes". If you do not, then you will end up flitting from one relationship to the next. You'll never feel totally happy and settled and will always keep trying to desperately try to find something or someone to fill that emptiness you feel.

 I have one technique I share with clients to get them moving forward away from their "baggage" that holds them back. Folks baggage only stays with you because you are still desperately seeking an outlet to fill what you perceive to be missing. Perception is a nasty thing. At the end of this blog, I will provide you with the technique I teach my clients.

 Now we look at terms such as "Soul Mates" or "Twin Flames". Folks most of this is media hype. I deal with clients constantly that are looking for their Soul Mate or their Twin Flame. Many websites teach the wrong things just to make money. This is also damaging for people that truly believe what they've just read. Here is the low down. Soul Mates are not your "other half" or the one you are "destined" to be with in this life. Soul Mates are people you have been with in another lifetime or perhaps several others. They bump into you in this life and this is why you recognize them somehow. You feel like you've known them forever. Many of them are your close friends, relatives, and yes some are even lovers. So there are many Soul Mates that enter and exit your life.

 Now Twin Flames are something different than Soul Mates. Many people get this twisted up and think it's one in the same. Twin Flames are two souls that made an agreement to split up to learn as much as they can to share it later. One typically will come into life, the other will stay on the other side to help guide the one here. Later they switch. One goes back to the other side, one comes back here. Their goal is to learn as much as they can. It is EXTREMELY rare for Twin Flames to find one another in the same lifetime. Mostly because they cannot learn if they are together in the same life. If they are having the same experiences together, they are not learning individually anymore and cannot share knowledge later on with one another. It's very complicated. There are plenty of websites that give you a list of ways to know if you've found yours. The truth is, in the rare event that you perhaps DO meet yours in the same life, you'll know and you won't have to look up any website or ask any psychic.

 Now that you have a bit of information about the differences between Soul Mates and Twin Flames, do not get discouraged. I am not by any means telling you that you are destined to be alone or that there isn't someone out there for you. The cold hard truth is that there isn't any single person that is "meant" for you. There are many people out there that you can choose from that will fit what you want in your life as a mate, if you and that person choose each other, then THAT is all you need to know. Soul Mate, Twin Flame... those are just glamorous words that tantalize your spirit. Never forget that YOU and you alone are responsible for your happiness. Your mate is responsible for his/her own happiness. Together you can be a wonderful pair that can live out life together. Here's the thing... it takes work! It's NEVER easy in any circumstance. Even the most loving couples that have wonderful communication have had some rough patches and it took work for them to get it in order.

 Who you are destined to be with is yourself. Who you will be with in a loving beautiful relationship or even marriage will be someone of whom you choose and who chooses you. THAT is what this is all about. Don't buy into believing there is someone else better out there for you than who you are with now. If you are in a relationship and looking at the "grass" on the other side of the fence... guess what?! That means you are NOT making yourself happy and you're placing that on the person you are with so since that person isn't giving you what you perceive to lack, YOU are trying to move onto someone else. This is a very  unhealthy habit. Please get a hold of yourself and figure out what you lack and fix it yourself. Not to say you should stay with someone who makes you miserable BUT fix yourself first and if you at that point still don't want to be with that person then it's simply time to move on. Some people are not meant to be in your life forever depending on your spiritual growth, or theirs. Either way, do NOT go looking for it outside of your relationship or yourself. Fix yourself first then move on.

 With all that being said, here is the exact technique I give to my clients in order for them to rid themselves of past baggage so they can start healing themselves and moving forward:

 To rid yourself of your emotional pain, I can suggest a technique you can use. First you will get a pen and paper. Write down all the things about the situation that hurts you. When you're done making your list, take it outside with a lighter or matches. You will say "Dear Universe (God, or Angels, depending on your beliefs) I now release my pain from (state your situation) (read off your list) to you and only loving feelings are now allowed. Thank you for taking my pain! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So it is! (repeat this process three times).

 After you do this you can now burn this paper and let the wind carry it away. If you do not have any wind, when the paper is done burning, pick up the ashes in your hands and blow the ashes out in the air. The idea is it carries it where it needs to go and is away from you. Do this daily if you need to until you start feeling released.

 I hope this helps some of you out there. I want to see you all creating wholeness for yourself and healing so you can live the best life possible.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Haunting Experience

 One night I was going to see my boyfriend's band play at the Korova in downtown San Antonio. What seemed like a normal evening was about to take a very strange turn. It was getting closer to the time that his band would go on so we went across the street to the hotel where one of his band mates and friend was staying so we could change clothes and get ready. Everything seemed perfectly average until we entered into the elevator that would take us up to the floor we needed to go to.

 Upon exiting the elevator into the hallway of the 6th floor at the Wyndham Hotel previously a Crowne Plaza, I was hit by a really indescribable feeling. I suddenly felt as though I wanted to fall to the floor. I've never had reactions to riding elevators and this was only the 6th floor so there should not have been any weird things happen physically. I tried to walk forward and literally was almost grabbing for his arm as I was finding it hard to walk normal. The floor was blurry and the air around me was super thick. I could only equate this feeling to Vertigo. I really did not understand what hit me. I made it around the corner to the room and we went in. I immediately did some deep breathing and asked Archangel Michael for Shielding and Grounding as I normally would every day. I got back to normal reasonably fast, got ready and then it was time for us to go back to the bar.

  We walked to the elevator without any strange feelings at all until we got to the underground passage tunnel. I started to feel a little "off" again but not nearly as bad as the 6th floor. I also felt the distinct feelings of being followed... so much so that my boyfriend looked behind us a couple of times to make sure it wasn't a living person following which would have explained that but NOPE. No living person to speak of behind us. We exited the hotel and got back to normal.

 Next day I return to the hotel to ride back to Houston with my friends and nothing at all happened.

  The feelings and images I picked up on was a soul of a murdered woman roaming the hallway in fear from her murderer. I also felt he was there wandering around as well. I don't know if he was looking for her and if this was just a residual energy that was in a repeating pattern or if it was actually their souls looming about the hallway.

  I have been digging around to try and find history on this place but I cannot seem to find anything. There are plenty of stories of the other Wyndham hotel which is near The Alamo but not the one on 111 E. Pecan St. It's a real shame because I'd love to know more about the place and what was there before it was a Crowne Plaza. Wyndham bought it out when Crowne went bankrupt. I have seen other things referring to people hearing ghostly footsteps behind them, seeing apparitions, etc but no tangible facts like a murder, suicide, etc.

  If anyone reading this has any information on this place that could validate what I saw and felt, I'd greatly appreciate it. I haven't felt hit that hard by energy in many years so it has me a bit rattled. Talk about hitting me out of left field... WOW!