Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Paranormal Scratches Demonic?

                                   (random internet photo I found while doing demonic scratches)

 You always hear about people getting bit, slapped, scratched, tugged on, pushed or more when they visit reportedly haunted places. Most of the time this seems to occur in some of the more prevalent haunted locations that contain very sinister souls. Do you really know for sure however, what actually did this? Was it a ghost? Was it a demon? Was it some other being we do not yet have information on?

 Most claims where someone has gotten scratched was said to be "demonic" in activity. While I cannot prove 100% one way or another, what I can say about this is THINK before you believe. Here's why I say this. I want you to take your hand and scratch somewhere on your body. Do you notice something that perhaps you wouldn't have paid attention to if I were not to mention something very obvious? Here's the obvious that will make you say "hmmmm". When you scratch, notice that 9 times out of 10, you only use three fingers to scratch with. Why? Well.. you use the three longest fingers. There is no real mystery here other than those three are longer than your other fingers so those are the ones that automatically get used to scratch with.

 So now when you think about how you commonly scratch, now think of how many times you've heard or seen on TV as well as Websites that the three scratches represent something demonic or that it's mocking the Holy Trinity. People... I would be willing to bet that 1 out of 50 cases if not more may actually have some sort of sinister force or if you will, "demonic" activity. Think about this; if people were nasty when they were alive, why would they be any different in spirit form? If they were human before, this three scratches now begin to make sense, do they not? 

 It's all glamorous to claim demonic activity, but it's very important not to make assumptions over something it may not be. As you know, extensive research needs to be done and precautions taken but I am more than certain that most places that claim to have demonic activity only have nasty ghosts of people who were very nasty folks when they were alive. The scratches, well, again, three fingers do most of the scratching so why would this be any different in death? In many pictures I've seen the almost 4 finger in there as well SO, to me this debunks many photos and many cases where they think a demonic is the culprit. I am not discounting that there may be demons doing this but what I am saying is I feel that not every 3 fingered scratch IS in fact demonic. I ask you as always, to think for yourself and not buy into everything you see, hear, and read. This is my opinion based on common sense and hopefully you'll now have a new avenue to explore that you hadn't though of before. Be well my friends and be careful!