Friday, July 25, 2014

Possession, What is it?

  Everyone has seen or heard of the movie "The Exorcist". The movie depicts a young girl in her early teen years that plays with an Ouija board with her mother then slowly becomes possessed by something unseen and later deemed a demon by a couple of Priests from the Catholic Church. I should point out at this point that it was a Hollywood movie and naturally only some of the facts are historically accurate. The case was not with a young girl but actually in real life, a young boy. There are many other discrepancies but that's what happens with the movies. They must work extra hard to make it visually and psychologically entertaining.

 All entertainment aside, the movie focuses on a teen having been possessed by what they believe to be a demon. The thing that many people wonder is, what does it mean? How does it happen? What is it that actually gets inside a person to make them have super strength, speak in languages they've never heard of, and be able to physically contort their bodies in positions that shouldn't be possible to do with a human figure. What is this force? Is it really a demon? Are they just mentally ill? These are things that anyone going to investigate have to consider when they are interviewing the families of these distraught people. If properly done, they will also investigate this person's medical background as well as any mental if there is any information to be had.

 In knowing wold renown Demonologists, I can tell you that they have a very scary job. I always find it intriguing but not something I would willingly take on. The first thing they have to do is go sit down and talk with the person and their family. They have to determine how coherent this person is and whether they could possibly just be ill. They get all the background information on the person and then they have to make a determination whether they feel a negative force or "demon" is involved. It's not an easy process for them to go through but to properly help someone, it's necessary not to make grave mistakes.

  If they deem that a person is indeed "Possessed", they then have to take steps on how they will go about performing an Exorcism or rather, having a Priest or Pastor come in to do this. Again though, it's still a question in my mind as to, what IS inside of them? Is it truly what is considered to be a Demon? Could it possibly a nasty person who was awful in life and is now just wanting more life so it jumps into a person to take over THEIR life? This is where religions and beliefs differ. I'm not really certain there is a definitive on what these things are and why they do what they do. There have been plenty of cases where someone has been temporarily "touched" by a negative energy or  the ghost of someone who held horrible emotions that linger and rubbed off on a living person temporarily in their space. I myself have experienced such a thing and it could have easily been confused with a demonic possession. The fact it, after it happened, I went home to go to bed, when I woke up I felt 100% back to myself and never had another incident after this.

  I am in no way discounting that there could be Demons responsible for possessions but I think that more often than not, people get this negative touch and pick up residue of something that was once in a place where they are and so they are experiencing these emotions as if they are their own. From what I know from a couple of the top Demonologists that I know, possession is far less common than people are led to believe by all the TV shows and media. Sad to say but there are also so called Ordained Priests or Ordained Exorcists that spread around mis-truths about the actual amount of possessions. Many are after fame and fortune but only the real ones that truly know the process and truly know how this works, will be the ones that will out and out tell you that it's not as common as people are led to think. Many so called cases turn out to be mental illness or a temporary negative force that surrounds them that was removed by a professional.

 Again, this leaves a person to wonder what a Demon is, and I don't mean as in the Biblical version. Are they former Angels gone bad? Are they just dark spirits that were once humans that are just as nasty now as they ever were when they were alive? Are they some other supernatural force that we just have no comprehension or information on? I'm unsettled on this issue. As a believer of many things, I wouldn't even rule out Aliens having a hand in some of these so called possessions. At this point there isn't much that I would rule out. There is so much out there that we have no comprehension of any maybe never will that I remain on the fence when it comes to Demonic Possession. Again, I don't discredit anyone who claims to have been possessed or by anyone who has performed Exorcisms. Exorcisms actually go far and wide, not just for demonic cases. You can perform Exorcisms yourself of your own home if you feel there is a negative force dwelling inside of it so there are many different degrees of this practice. There are many different factions and religions that perform these differently yet TV always seems to show Catholic Priests.

  Think about it! Shamans were performing rituals before Priests were even thought of. Wiccans even have their own rituals for removing dark forces or spirits. So why is it that every TV show or movie we see are always the Catholic Rituals? Makes you wonder why those are the only ones publicized. I for one am grateful that some of my colleagues are not on TV and speaking about different practices and even suggesting them to clients on camera! I think more of that information needs to be out there as there is a need to educate people from all sectors of life in how they can protect themselves or cleanse themselves of harmful energies or forces. Next time you watch one of those creepy films about Exorcisms, remember, what is it really and why only one religious view? Question everything you see, knowledge is power!