Sunday, August 26, 2012

Does anyone believe in Facts anymore?

  Have you ever seen a post on Facebook or some other social networking site where they use a horrifying picture of an animal or person and make some outlandish claim? I just read one that claimed that people in France are using dogs as bait for sharks. They used a picture of a dog with a huge hook through it's lips. What people were NOT paying attention to were the details of the photo. People naturally have an instinct to look a the dog with a hook in it's mouth and are horrified that people would do this to an animal. I took was initially shocked but then I read the caption for it and TOTALLY looked at the photo again. This animal looked GREAT despite the hook in it's mouth. The dog looked absolutely healthy and even has a collar on. One of the hands holding his head straight for the photo had a glove on which tells me that it was most likely at a vet clinic where they were taking a photo of the dog before carefully trying to remove the hook. It's probably a good photo for people to watch what they are doing with their hooks and lure. By the size of the hook it most likely had a tasty piece of meat on it that the dog naturally wanted to eat then in the process got stuck on the hook. That is NOT in any way strange. 

  The point of my rant is that people are either really gullable OR people are somehow craving to be outraged. I haven't quite figured it out yet but what I do know is that through this experience, I felt initial outrage but then took a REAL look and realized what the facts are. I would prefer NOT to be outraged. I am not saying there are not cruel people out there in the world because unfortunately there most definitely are. What I am saying is be sure to get the facts before you put yourself through an emotional roller coaster.

  Trust me when I tell you I AM one of those people that cannot watch the animal abuse commercials that ASPCA puts on t.v. It's absolutely heart wrenching and tears me apart every time. So I am speaking from an angle of compassion but also please pay attention to facts and realize that there are so many folks out there that want to create attention whether it be positive or negative, it gets them views. You know it's true! This holds true with the News. When someone goes nuts and murders several people randomly what happens? The media is all over it, people end up giving that murderer exactly what they want, publicity. They get FAME whether it was just or negative, they got EXACTLY what they wanted. PLEASE do NOT give these people attention. Don't go post about them everyday on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. You are feeding into their need or desire. They are not worthy of our attention. Let the law handle them and drop it. That would be the best punishment.

  This is only one woman's opinion so you can agree or disagree, the choice is yours. I just felt the need to get that off my chest. Thanks for letting me vent. :)