Trying to get a decent Used Truck or SUV

Hey all! Most of you know me by now. Let me start by saying to any nay sayers or people that don't believe in helping others... yes... I do work. I do multiple things in fact. My problem is; I have lots of expenses that are insane. Most of them are bills I owe to the government. I won't go into specifics but it all adds up. This is on top of child support I pay, rent, utilities, internet (that I need to work with), etc. Now... normally I'd grin and bear it but right now I'm in need of a decent used truck or SUV. There are plenty for sale here in this town that are reasonably priced. I'm not looking for the top of the line but just something that is reliable and I can easily travel with.

I have been trying to get people to purchase readings from me via my Facebook Store found here:   However; not everyone wants a reading. I'm willing to do the work for it but if they don't want a reading; I'm at a loss. I tried to implement a donation button in my shop but Facebook won't let me. They want me to use THEIR fundraiser program which requires that I give THEM my checking account number. How about NO.

Some have suggested using Gofundme. That's awesome and all but they charge the same fees that Paypal charges to process. If I'm going to get charged; I might as well stick with my Paypal. Some people say "I don't have Paypal". You don't need it to donate or purchase. You simply go to the link, when it asks for the amount, put in the amount then when it asks you to sign in; you look underneath where it says "continue as guest" and there you go. You can use any credit card or debit card. Easy peasy yes?

Now... I have been struggling with asking for help because I have pride and look down on such things. However; I also realize that I've helped other people who have been in need and never asked for a penny back. I also donate to other causes when I have extra funds to do so. I am definitely a believer in Karma and if you have money that you don't NEED, why not help someone? That's how I roll. I'm not into fancy cars and clothes. Hell I shop at Goodwill and Flea Markets. I'm not on welfare either. I could probably get it but I don't think I should because I don't consider myself THAT broke. On that note, for those that wonder what I do for a living.... Yes... I work from home. However, I work for a legitimate client online doing magazine articles and answering their client emails. Again, I also do readings on the side. So I am not sitting here dreaming my life away asking people for free money. That's not me and never will be. I know people like this but I am definitely not one of them. Hopefully that puts your mind at rest.

This vehicle isn't just for local use but for travel. I dunno about you all but travelling is expensive as far as taking a train, bus, or plane. Gas is about the cheapest you can get if you're going to travel. Hell even renting a vehicle is nuts. Plus they want you to have a credit card these days. They used to be alright with debit cards well... no more. Uhaul wants a credit card... won't take a debit card. I do not have a credit card and don't want one. I had one and it was a nightmare. I've since cut that sucker up and refuse to get another.

I am a hard worker with much moral fiber. I wanted to really lay it out there for you all so that you don't think I'm just panhandling. I would never do that unless I had to in which case I'd probably be on the street and not on the internet lol. In any case, now you know. If you want to help me save (I do have some money in savings already thanks to people ordering readings), I'd really appreciate it. I don't even mind throwing you a reading IF you'd like one. You can certainly just go purchase one in my shop too if you'd rather do it that way. I'm totally alright with it. Paypal is going to charge me a fee either way so you might as well get something out of it.

If you're up for it please either visit my shop via the link I provided OR donate directly to my link here: ... Remember, you don't need to have an account. Click the link, put in the amount you want to donate and then when it takes you to log in, look under the boxes and click "continue as guest".

I have no "end time" on this fundraising. I will keep it going until I get what I need. My goal is roughly $5,000.00 ... that will get me a really decent and reliable truck/suv. Again, if you don't agree with what I'm doing or don't want to donate... I totally get it. Just keep scrolling and ignore my blog. No biggie. I appreciate your time! Thank you ever so much everyone. Sending out as much love as I can muster!